Brush up course for the holidays

I realise that i’m leaving it a bit late, but i’m offering a catchup course in the holidays to some of my school students who have missed lessons or are finding it difficult getting started in clarinet, flute, recorder, sax or trumpet.

The first term is important for grounding some technique and understanding of music theory so this is an opportunity for parents who feel it could help their children.

1 hour Sat and Sunday at my studio $30 group lesson, 2 weeks only!

This is also an invitation also to other tutors to enquire if some of their students could benefit.

To book your space please call me on my mobile 021 254 7758 or email me

In concluding many thanks to all new watchers checking out my new website, so far I have had good feedback and we are presently adding more info on Vienna instruments our online store is up and running so you can buy online now.



A busy start to this year’s music lessons

Just an update about my one on one and group classes. The year’s speeding along, a few individual students are busy preparing for their flute grade exams in august. Andy’s chosen grade 6 which is a real challenge, articulation and tempo changes throughout the pieces. We’re breaking each tune into 3 or 4 pieces played at a slow tempo at first, repeating each piece till its fully understood, no shortcuts.

My group lessons at school are doing well also, I tutor from year 1-3, about 4 in each class, flute and clarinet. Rhythm drills come to the fore here as each pupil has different strengths and you can lose a class fast if you don’t keep everyone on the same page. I’ve promised some busking at the end of year, xmas carols and some standards, it gives them a goal so all you parents look out for us at St Heliers.

My Vienna range of instruments are selling well, some are out of stock with new order arriving late May .They’ve been reliable with a years guarantee so I do recommend you buy a new instrument over hireage. I get the student motivated pretty early so they can play easy tunes within 2 weeks and this leads to caring for your instrument.

So in closing hit reply with any queries, you dont have to be my student as any feedback and contribution will help me get the blog moving along as it’s still very new.

Regards David