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  1. We met David while looking for a saxophone tutor for our son about a year ago. Our son has a weekly lesson with him and has made great progress. David’s enthusiasm and his easy but firm way with children has really rubbed off and our son loves playing the sax and looks forward to his lesson each week. We also purchased an alto saxophone from David and that is of great quality and has excellent sound. Thanks David, great to see your talent given to others. Maya

    • how do you get that how do you get that sound out of a saxophone? ive been pianlyg for 6 years so dont leave any details out cause ill know what your talking about p.s. my saxophone is an alto yamaha custom ex proffesional with same brand neck and mouthpiece.

      • hi,its an old battered keilwerth i got for free after 1 days work,tom on piano,we may get together again,this recording is years old

  2. wow amoswe video wow amoswe video man! you have outstanding tone and intonation! your back ups in the back piano drums and bass, never get enough credit so kudos to them aswell!

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